Character design / animation / illustration / art direction

This animation project was made for Bookline, a Hungarian publisher and book trader company, specifically for their children’s book selection project, Szívünk rajta (translates to: our hearts on it-we recommend it with all our hearts). We promoted a contest (held by Libri-Bookline and UNICEF) for kids and small school groups, in which they could send in their favourite story’s interpretation in exchange to the chance winning a reading corner, made of a big, comfy reading beanbag, and a ‘bookshelfful’ of beautiful, and exciting children’s books, from the Szívünk rajta selection.

The heart shape is a recurring visual element in the design concept, as it is a significant part of the brand's identity. Just like watercolour texture, and pastel-like colours.


I was responsible for the art direction of the animation, making the script and storyboard for the animated part, character design and animation production of the project.

The video was made with a combination of live picture, and  2D cell animation technique. First the animated characters just illustrate, and react on the things we hear in the video (how to apply to the contest, told as a tale), but later they will become part of the scene, and enjoy the company of the kids and the books in their reading corner.

snippets from the first concepts, and the storyboard

The characters are all like invisible friends, all in a way representing the love for reading (a book-moth-bookworm, an owlish little guy, and a spectacled goofy monster). I wanted to make them cute, funny, and a bit clumsy. I used watercolour texture not just for fitting to the brand's visual, but to reflect on the printed book effect, and also the atmosphere of creative classes in primary school.

character designs
icons for web
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