Character design / animation

Official music video for the hungarian musician and producer Karanyi.


Karanyi in most of the cases working with guest artists, this song is no exception. That is why the two main characters, who are travelling together, back to their safe place, using the tandem roller. During the adventures, they meet weird creatures, and at the end of the road, they get closer to their real selves.


It was a huge challenge, as I was not experienced as an animator before. I loved to work with music, and loved to create this world, and story. Also all the techniques were experimental for me, I enjoyed to combine stop motion, 2D, and 2D frame by frame animation techniques. The additional challenge was to advertise beer in a way it is not consumed, and I had fun finding alternate uses of beer cans and bottles, as telecommunication devices, or vehicles. :)


The video was in the official selection of the Klik! Amsterdam International Animation Festival in 2013.

Layer 31.png
Layer 30.png
Layer 29.png
Layer 28.png