branding/illustration/print design/web design

Lost & Found in Budapest is a blog project founded by the Media Department of the infamous ELTE university. It is for, and also made by international exchange students, who spend their Erasmus scholarship in our wonderful capital, Budapest. In the end of 2018, Lost and Found in Budapest decided to hold a contest, where they invited exchange students, and young expats, to share their story about our amazing city, visually or in writing.

The core of the branding is the playful, coolish tone. I combined photography, illustration, typography and a bit of animation on the key illustrations, which appeared in different forms in print, on the web and in the social media campaign.

The logo itself is the centre of each key art, and it changes considering its visual environment.


I made photos of iconic scenery of the city, all from a slightly different angle. I used a smartphone to give an extra instant photography feel. Finally, I combined these photographs with fun lovin' doodle-style characters, who are all representing something very Hungarian/Budapestian. 

key arts
polaroid-postcard flyers
web, icons
gifs for web
Instagram story stickers
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Layer 30.png
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