Illustration / print design

In 2017 I had the chance to work with Circus Network, an amazing street art and illustration gallery in the very cool, and nicely crazy city of Porto.


As a goodbye to the city, and to sum up the time I spent there, I made a personal illustration project, the Porto art postcard series, featuring the nice giant Yeti, exploring the city. I designed three postcards (the best medium to tell about your adventures to friends and family), where the base of the image was a photo I made with my phone while walking around Porto, and I drew the character -which comes back to me time to time- in the situation.


There are doodles on the back of the postcards also, each showing one of my favourite Porto specific things, the stinky coffee, the not very polite seagulls, the absolutely not guilt free francesinha or the way i finally started to learn how to nose-dive on those amazing waves.


The series was on for purchase at the Circus gallery store.

Layer 31.png
Layer 30.png
Layer 29.png
Layer 28.png