Character design / animation / illustration / art direction

I had the chance to work on four animated series for babies, and tiny kids, in two of them I made the full concept, character design, and animation production also. All in all I made 20 episodes each, which was a huge and exciting challenge, and a great chance to learn.


Shapies, is about four basic shape groups, the circle, the square, the triangle and the rhombus. Through the series, the shapes show their main characteristics, they play peg games, they got together to form new shapes, or scenes together.

Vector Smart Object.png
story concepts

As it was made for babies, and very young kids (and the parents have to watch these also :) ), it had to be entertaining and educative in a shooting and very uncomplicated way, using a lot of repetition, simple shapes and silhouettes, slow movement, engaging colour palette, and expressive, very very cute facial features.

In the favour of simplicity-and the request of the account :), in the final version we had to get rid of the legs, and too complicated ideas, just as the abstraction, and nonhuman like features on the 'faces'. However, I love them so much, so I'll take the chance and show these creatures also.

Group 5.png
Group 3.png
Group 4.png
Group 4-1.png
Group 3-1.png
Group 5-1.png
Group 6.png
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Group 4.png
Group 2.png
Group 1.png
Group 5.png
Group 3.png
early character concepts
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official trailer
early episode concepts
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snippets from the episodes